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The following solar panels are currently in stock. Prices are as follows:

Rigid Panels

200 Watt Mono Panels  $230 each

160 Watt Mono Panels $210 each

100 Watt Mono panels $125 each

80 Watt Mono Panels $ 80 each

We also carry a range of Solar Controllers (Regulators) as well as MC4 connectors to suit.

Folding Panels:

120 Watt (2 x 60W) -------$230.00   Includes PWM Solar Controller, 10 metre lead to anderson plug, and carry bag

170 Watt (2 x 85W) -------$299.00   Includes PWM Solar Controller, 8 metre lead to anderson plug, and carry bag

All of the above panels have aluminium frames & tempered glass.  They come with a 25 year warranty on solar output and a 5 year warranty on workmanship. 

If you are wishing to purchase solar panels from us at the markets, it would be advisable to give us a call before hand (preferrably no later than Friday) so that we can put a panel aside with your name on it.  Would hate to see you turn up and us not have one on hand.

Give us a call on 07 41633109 if you wish to purchase any of the above panels.

Fit-outs to caravans, motorhomes etc are welcome at our Nanango Store, and fit-outs for stand alone systems can be arranged in our local area.

*** A basic 320 Watt system (ie, 2 x 160 watt panels, 1 x 20 Amp PWM controller) costs approx $900 to $950 fitted including labour.  This price does not include batteries 

Solar Controllers
Solar Controllers
Solar Panels
Solar Panels