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About Us

Welcome to JGM Direct

This page contains information about our business, and date-claimers, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are currently having a restructure of our Website. As at 13th December, you may not be able to make a paypal payment for website orders, as part of the transition process. Sorry for any inconvenience. Bank Payments are not affected, just paypal. Alternatively, if you wish to place an order you can also phone your card details thru to us

Sorry for any inconvenience. We are expecting to have the new-look site up and running by next week.

Contact details:

Shop Address: Shop 1, 13,912 D'Aguilar Hwy, Nanango, Qld

Shop Trading Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm and now open Saturday 9.00am to 12.00pm!

 Business Hours Ph: 07 41633109 

Mobile: 0413 669 112 (Jamie)      0403 379 476 (Bev) 

Email:       bev@ 

There are so many travellers and innovative people out there who really appreciate being able to get great quality product at good prices, but there are also a lot of travellers and innovative people out there who just need someone to have a look at their system and do a bit of trouble shooting, or help them set up a 12Volt solar system at a reasonable price, and leave them with an understanding of exactly how their system works.  

Knowledge, Reliability and Honesty are what regular people are looking for, and we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built based on those traits.

Our customers are constantly commenting on the fact that the market is full of mis-information and cheap shoddy product.

 In our own small way, we are trying to make a big difference.  

We know and understand the products that we sell, and the work that we do, and we only sell & use top quality product.  We do not just randomly buy product off the internet and try to pass it off as something that it is not.  We work tirelessly with our manufacturers to ensure that the product we sell meets our exacting standards, and impresses our customers, both with it's quality & price.Our reputation is the result of this formula, and proves that this is the type of 'service' that genuine people want.

About our business:

JGM DIRECT is a family owned and operated business, based in Nanango in Queenslands South Burnett Region.

JGM Direct, the business was born 8+ years ago as a result of a number of life- changing experiences.  In chronological order,we signed up to grid-connect solar (at enormous expense), we (Jamie) imported a few solar panels to develop our own 12 volt stand-alone-system, we tried to buy quality 12 Volt LED lighting for our home, and we built a camper trailer.  From the ground up! (Great life experience, but you only have to do it once!!!)    

Our biggest frustration at that time, was the inability to purchase the quality product that we were seeking, at a good price, and in one place.  

As far as LED lights were concerned, we were paying huge money for product down south, that was very poor quality, and did not stand the test of time (and there is still far too much of that poor quality product in the market). And small components that we were looking for such as cable, crimp terminals, buss bars, connectors, volt meters etc, could not be sourced locally, took days of searching on the web just to find, and when we did find them, the quality was often dubious.

Solution: The 'Brains-Trust' (That's Jamie again) decided that, if we could not get the quality product at the right price, we would just seek out the manufacturers, and buy direct.  At that point we realized that if we were having these problems, other people would be, too.  

And, hence, JGM Direct was born. (Ok. The name does not really work, and people have trouble remembering it.  But we seem to be stuck with it!)  After 3 years of selling at markets & events, on-line and from home, we finally opened a store at 13912 D'Aguilar Hwy, Nanango (Qld) in January 2013. 

We really love what we do, and our regular customers can attest to that! Even though we now have the shop open, we still attend the Caboolture market most Sundays.

The shop is on the main Highway on the south side of Nanango, between the BP & the Big Bucket, but on the opposite side of the road.  We are open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and 9.00am to 12MD on Saturdays (though Jamie & myself are not normally in the shop on the Saturday, and the workshop is not operating).

We are more than happy to quote & fit out solar panels & lighting for you, and there is a very nice free camp over the road, which is very popular with travellers. The shop has plenty of parking and turning space, no matter how big your out-fit is.

If you are coming thru Nanango and want a quote, we would love to see you. Or give us a call beforehand, and we can book you in.

Our business hours phone number is 07 41633109.  

Other contact information is located at the bottom of this page, along with our 'date claimers'.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  

Jamie & Bev

Contact details: Phone 07 41633 109 (Business Hours) 

                           Mob: 0403 379 476  

                           Mob: 0413 669 112



Date Claimers

All markets and events are 'pencilled-in' and are subject to change at short notice, in the event of bad weather. (Our final decision on going to the Caboolture market may be made as late as 2.00am on Sunday morning!)

Basically, if it is too wet and miserable, or too windy for you to go to the market, then you can assume that we feel the same! Likewise, if there is the threat of storms, we may decide that it is too risky to set up.  If in doubt, just give us a call on one of our mobile numbers. If we are not at the market, and you need product, please do not hesitate to give us a call and order your goods. We can process Credit Card details over the phone, and Aust Post postage rates are really very reasonable.


Sunday 16th: Caboolture Market - Looking at the rain that is being forecast, we probably will not be at the market on this day.

If you are wishing to purchase a solar panel at one of the markets, it is advisable to contact us before lunchtime the day before (either phone or SMS one of the mobile numbers), so that we can put one aside for you. We carry only limited numbers of panels with us, and generally run out. If you contact us before hand, we can ensure that you will not be disappointed on the day.

The above date claimers are a guide only, and maybe subject to change at short notice.